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August 22nd, 2015 on Google+ (5 Stars)

This is the best place to buy a car!! Brent and Reza are amazing-no pushy sales people here. My daughter had her heart set on a Jeep and they had several to chose from. The small problems with the car where disclosed to us and everything was fixed perfectly. They even took a picture of our family in front of her new car!! Thank you so much-Ed, Lori and a VERY happy Sarah!!

Lorraine C. from El Segundo

March 23rd, 2015 on Yelp (5 Stars)

I bought two cars from California Carlink and just had a great experience with them I think I should share it with everyone. I was treated with the most respect and honesty, their cars are all high quality. They even took care of the few miner issues even after I bought the cars and they also provided me with loaner cars for a few days that I didn't even ask for. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them because I think their prices are so reasonable and just feel comfortable to buy used cars from these people

Nina B. from Mission Viejo

January 29th, 2015 on Google+ (5 Stars)

Reza and Brent are awesome! They were very professional and provided excellent customer service. My Jetta runs great and I even named her! My mom and I were tough customers but the CA Car Link team were straight forward and diligent in making sure I walked away a satisfied customer. I will definitely recommend CA Car Link for anyone looking for an awesome car at a great price! Thanks Reza and Brent and I will definitely be stopping by to visit again! -Jazz

Jazz E. from Costa Mesa

December 9th, 2014

Great looking car no dents or dings. Over all I'm happy just hope my I don't have to deal with any major problems down the line

Jesse V. from Los Angeles

December 23, 2014

5 stars is not enough rating to show how honest and helpful California CarLink is when it comes to car dealership. I would give them 10 stars on how easy it was to deal with them. I got a top notch Mercedes Benz 2007 C Class for a very very reasonable price. Reza is your guy but I believe it starts from what the owner believes in pass down to the people that works in this dealership. They have great selection of cars at a very reasonable prices. I highly recommend this dealership if you guys are looking for a great deal. I repeat, I would give them 10 stars for their integrity and honesty. Thank you CA CarLink.

Gil T. from North Hollywood

July 29, 2015 on CarGurus

5 out of 5 stars - Great experience! Very satisfied with my purchase of a Camry SE. Would purchase here again if i had to . Very honest and up front.

James V. from Chino Hills, CA

I have had quite the journey searching for the perfect 01 CLK 320. Though the car is 13 years old beyond the newer ones sold today. I have been in love with this model from the day I first saw it rolling down Sunset Blvd, and vowed I would have one one day. I promised as soon as my son graduated from high school and went to college. That being said, fast forward 13 years later, my son is off to college, and I had been in pursuit of this vehicle for the last 2 months. Needless to say there are a lot of CLK's out there, but most of them junk, and/or sold by viciously dishonest sales people who were more interested in separating me from my money than helping me purchase a car worthy of driving for the next 3-4 years.

That not the case at CA Prime Auto, before making the trek to Huntington Beach from LA to purchase I spoke to Mike and made it clear that I didn't want to be screwed around. He assured me the vehicle was in premium condition for its age, extremely low miles (and I mean extremely low), and into the car 3-days later I have to say so far so good! Particularly since they sold me a highly reputable BBB A-Rated Extended Protection Warranty 4 yr/60000 miles from Red Auto Protection that also offers unlimited Roadside Assistance.

Mike Shell, their sales associate was perhaps the most delightful sales person I have worked with. He treated me with respect and made every reasonable effort to ensure I was happy, despite me being a hard ass and a Bitch of a customer to deal with. I research everything from Blue Book to Black Book and love to negotiate. Despite that they allowed the car to be inspected and followed up with covering repairs based on mechanics recommendations. Mike is simply one of the most upfront professional car salesman I have ever worked with; keeping me informed by text and phone call every step of the way. Reza was also highly gracious and as a professional therapist who has a pretty good read on people, I feel that these guys are not only in this business to make money but they want to do it honorably. In short I would recommend California Prime Auto (now called California Car Link) to anyone looking to purchase a gently used luxury vehicle.

Lisa A.